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Youtube MP3 Downloader

Youtube MP3 Downloader is a module which allows to specify YouTube videos from which the audio data should be extracted, converted to MP3, and stored on disk.

To run this project, you need to have a local installation of FFmpeg present on your system. You can download it from

Installation via NPM

npm install youtube-mp3-downloader --save

Installation from Github

Checkout the project from Github to a local folder

git clone

Install module dependencies

Navigate to the folder where you checked out the project to in your console. Run npm install .

A basic usage example is the following:

You can also pass a file name for the respective video, which will then be used. Otherwise, the file name will be derived from the video title.

While downloading, every progressTimeout timeframe, there will be an progress event triggered, outputting an object like

Furthermore, there will be a queueSize event emitted when the queue size changes (both positive and negative). This can be caught via

Upon finish, the following output will be returned:

To use it in a class which provides the downloading functionality, you could use it like the following (which can also be found in the examples subfolder of this project):

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