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Download, play and convert your favourite YouTube videos with one simple application

YouTube Mate is a handy tool for downloading, playing and converting YouTube videos.

Once the program is running, starting a download is as easy as copying the address of a video to your clipboard. YouTube Mate will recognise this, pop up a dialog where you can set the file name, choose the video resolution you need, and in a click or two it'll start downloading.

If you then want to play a video, just double-click its entry in the list (or select it, and click Play) and it'll appear in a very simple media player.

And converting your downloads is as easy as choosing the output profile you need (the program can export videos for the iPhone, iPad, and a host of other devices, as well as saving clips as SWF, DVD-friendly MPEGs and more), and clicking Convert.

There are also a few minor issues. You have to provide the authors with your email address before you'll be able to activate the program, for instance. And the interface doesn't always work quite as you expect: the "Convert" function always converts every downloaded file, for example, not just the ones you happen to have selected.

On balance, though, the program is still a great way to download and otherwise work with YouTube videos.

A useful YouTube download, playback and conversion tool

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