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  • Updated Feb 12, 2014 at 5:48pm

1. Copy the YouTube Web Address

In the same screen as your video, copy the top web address in the search bar by highlighting the entire web address and pressing CMD+C on a Mac or CTRL+C on a PC.

2. Paste the Address in Clip Converter

In a seperate window or tab, go to and paste the YouTube video’s web address in the long blank address bar by pressing CMD+V on a Mac or CNTRL+V on a PC.

3. Choose Your Download Format

If you’re using a Mac, it’s best to use MP4 because it will also work on your iPhone or iPod. However, if you have a PC and unless you plan on watching your videos only in iTunes, it’s best to download the video as a MOV file. Click continue after you’re done.

4. Choose Your Video Size and Resolution

Depending on how crisp you want your video, you’ll want a higher resolution around 710 or 1080. But if you’re worried about size, or if you’re looking to watch the video on your smartphone, then lower resolution is always better. After you choose, click “start” at the bottom.

After you click on continue, your video will compress into the type of file you chose in step 3.

5. Download the File

After the file is compressed, you now can download the file onto your computer’s desktop by clicking on “download.”

6. Save the File

Make sure to save the movie to somewhere you won’t forget. Best to choose your desktop for easy viewing.

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