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A simple tool that was especially created to offer a means to quickly download and convert any online video into high quality MP3 format

Most resources you need to develop computer projects are already online, but you might not be able to grab them so easily. For instance, YouTube isn’t fitted with a download option, and you might just be interested in a particular audio string. In this regard, YouTube To MP3 Converter Free helps you perform a quick download operation, and conversion to popular audio formats.

Add one or more links in queue

You get to enjoy all the application has to offer soon after download is done. First you need to go through the setup process, and it’s best to pay extra attention to every “next” button you press or offer you accept if you don’t want to end up with extra content on your computer.

The visual design is pretty intuitive by default, allowing individuals of all levels of experience to quickly get the hang of things. Multiple links can be added before the download operation can start, and there’s even an option to have your computer automatically turned off once the operation is complete.

Set destination, output format and quality

The target YouTube URL needs to be grabbed from the web browser and can be pasted at the press of a button inside the application. All items you wish to download are shown in a table along with URL, title, and status. Additionally, you might want to specify a download destination.

As the name clearly points out, the application grabs videos and instantly converts them to audio, leaving no traces of the actual clip. There’s quite the variety of supported output formats such as MP2, MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, FLAC, AC3, and AAC. Encoder options are at your disposal so you can choose a different bitrate, sampling frequency, and volume boost.

A few last words

Taking everything into consideration, we come to the conclusion that YouTube To MP3 Converter Free manages to live up to expectations, letting you grab any video from YouTube under various audio formats with customizable quality.

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