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Freemake's free YouTube to MP3 Boom makes it incredibly easy to grab tunes off YouTube, which not only hosts videos but also a lot of music you're unlikely to hear anywhere else. Though extremely easy to use, YouTube to MP3 Boom might be too basic for some users.

Free music: Freemake likens YouTube to MP3 Boom to "Google for music." The program's dedicated search engine certainly made it easy to zero in on tunes quickly.

Grouped search results: Similar downloads are grouped together, each with a Download All button, keeping results organized and making it easy to grab just the versions and artists you want.

Fast share: We could share each download via Facebook, Twitter, or email.

Bit basic: A lack of options for file type, size, quality, and so on might make YouTube to MP3 Boom too basic for some users. We'd like front panel buttons to clear the search field and open the download folder, too.

Obsolete: Streaming sites like Pandora and Spotify offer better sound quality and reduce the need to save and carry around MP3s, while higher resolution downloads threaten to render MP3s and even CDs obsolete. YouTube will probably remain the preeminent source for the different, the unusual, and the just plain weird, though.

Bottom Line

Freemake YouTube to MP3 Boom is fast and easy to use. We'd prefer more options, especially file type ("MP3" covers a lot of territory), but most users will probably be perfectly happy with its results.

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